December 3, 2019

Combustible Dust ExplosionDust explosions can be devastating but they are preventable. Just like any other industrial accident the causes can be traced back to factors that are overlooked. Those factors then become links in a chain of events that culminate in disaster.


From a practical sense, a combustible dust explosion happens when a fire or small explosion ignites dust across the facility, and a much larger and very dangerous and harmful secondary explosion occurs. There are many examples of such explosions throughout history. In recent memory, for example, a coal dust explosion killed 26 miners at the Westray coal mine in Nova Scotia, Canada. The explosion is believed to have been triggered by a spark from a piece of underground mining equipment.


In a broader view, explosions of combustible dust happen when companies do not undertake dust hazard analyses or do not take the proper steps to ensure their facility is as safe as it possibly can be. Among the most basic of these steps is good housekeeping with a combination of cleaning, dust collection, inspections, dust removal, and employee training.


A company, such as XP Products that has a great deal of experience in identifying and mitigating dust explosion hazards, is a valuable resource in preventing a disaster from occurring in your workplace.

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