A New Approach To Explosion Isolation

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The XP Drum Kit is an innovative alternative to traditional rotary valves for providing a means of explosion isolation. Our design provides an economical solution that improves ergonomics and reliability.

The drum kit acts as a strengthened extension of the dust collector. It is designed to withstand the reduced pressure (Pred) that develops during a properly vented deflagration event and is not limited by a KSt value.

As long as the explosion relief vent is sized properly and can accommodate the added volume of the drum kit, no modifications are required to the vent panel or isolation device on the inlet ducting.


  • Stainless Steel (Food Grade) 30455
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Knife Gate Valve
  • Custom Spool Size
  • New High Level Sensor for Drum Dust level indication —   0-100% Level Sensing


  • Rated 0.9 bar
  • 800 lbs lift capacity
  • Standard models are painted carbon steel
  • NFPA Compliant

Passive Solution

The XP Drum Kit is a truly a passive solution that is designed to contain the effects from an explosion in a properly vented or suppressed dust collector or cyclone.


The ergonomic design of the XP Drum Kit makes changing barrels a breeze. The quick clamp design requires no tools for change out and the included hydraulic lift reduces the risk of injury or spills.


Installation of the XP Drum Kit is simple, requiring no leg extensions, no electric and no air. The low installation and maintenance costs equate to more money in your pocket when compared to alternatives.

Video Overviews

Quick Overview (< 1 min)
In-Depth Overview (> 5 min)


XP Drum Kit Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual

Data Sheet XPDK1901

Data Sheet XPMINI1902

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